Gymnastics Update

“Being a team that builds each other up is a huge accomplishment.”- Coach Tiffany Jothen


Marissa Klum

Some of the Westby Gymnastics team watching teams compete at the 2nd meet of the season.

The Westby gymnastics team has been working hard this year. Head coach Tiffany Jothen stated, “Everyone competes in every event and they all do a wonderful job! Some gymnasts have pushed beyond their comfort zone and we are so proud of them.  Being a team that builds each other up is a huge accomplishment.” 

The team poses together before practice. (Marissa)

The gymnastics team has worked hard on goals this entire season. Notable team goals include having everyone compete in every event with a score of 115 or better.  Gymnasts have already seen results in their hard work and determination. Coach Tiffany said “Our team score high for 2021-2022 was 107.45 with an average score of 102.69.  This year with only 3 meets under our belt and only one meet with our entire team, our high score is 105.6.  We have extreme potential to beat last year’s team score high as the season continues.” There are 8 more meets this season, 5 of which are  home meets that are on Jan. 23 and 27th and Feb. 6th, 11th, and 17th. 

When asked what they love most about the sport, members had many things to share. 

  • “I love the people and getting closer with everyone”- Lynzi Cade (10: gymnast). 
  • “One thing I love about gymnastics most is the team aspect. Since we are a smaller team I think we are super close. We know how to motivate each other to work hard, and it’s always fun being together.” – Tricia Klum (11, gymnast) 
  • “What I love most about gymnastics is seeing how hard everyone works and how much effort everyone puts in to be their best. I’m looking forward to seeing new skills the girls can get and seem to get better at throughout the season”- Ella Hayes (10th, manager). 
  • “I love the bonds I have with my teammates and getting better as a team is what I’m looking forward to most.”- Alyx Keenlance (10, gymnast). 
Alyx Keenlance (10) performs her beam routine. (Marissa Klum)

Coaches also had many positive things to share. Jothen shared that “watching everyone grow as gymnasts and develop more skills is rewarding.” Jothen mentioned she also loved “the connection and relationships we all have built together. The memories we have made as a team hold a special place in my heart!”