Robot Report: Start of the Build Season

The Robotics season will officially kickoff on the seventh of January, 2023.


Jade Levendoski

The Build Team gathers to discuss the possibility of a swerve drive on the robot.

This year’s robotics team is made of fifteen students and five mentors, who have already begun to create a perfect start on another season. 53% of the team is made of new members, who are all wonderful and willing to learn and be hands-on. The veterans are doing a fine job, hand-in-hand with the mentors on guiding the newbies. Robotics is split into three teams: Build, Programming, and Marketing. During the very start of this Build Season, builders are learning all of the components of the robot and have rough ideas on the materials and standards, programmers are working on their javascript coding skills, and the Marketing team is working on a new website and gaining sponsors.

At our most recent meeting, Mr. Tom Mc Cauley taught a lesson on how to use the CNC Router.

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  • Mr. Tom McCauley demonstrates how to use the CNC router.

  • Kristal Levendoski (9) works diligently on building a new website.

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I like learning the new skills that come with building and programming the robot. ”

— Garrett Depooter (11)

On Saturday, December 3rd, the robotics team will be attending a Seven Rivers Robotics Coalition Training Day where members will have sessions on leadership, bumber building, javascript coding, and others.

Stay tuned for the updated robotics website!