State of the High School

Senior Class Presidental Address


Jade Levendoski

Westby Area High School’s tradition of strong student sections continues this fall.

The 22-23 school year is the best one yet! Our student officers are working hard to make this year excellent. We had the unique opportunity of having a professional hypnotist come to our school on Halloween. We had Homecoming week dress up days, activities, floats, and skits. The officer team, FCCLA members, and Norse Link will coordinate fun activities for Holiday Week, including dress up days, door decorations, ornament contest, food collection, class skits, and a talent show.

A new upcoming event will be MORP, which is planned to be on Friday, February 3rd after the boys basketball game versus West Salem. You’re probably thinking to yourself what does MORP mean? A MORP is a backwards PROM.  The attire will match the theme of the basketball game that evening. It will be an extremely casual dance meant to lift the spirits of students during the third quarter gap. 

Mr. Bothe and I are hoping to hold a spring cleanup day when the snow melts. It would be during the school day for anyone who isn’t on the D/F list, a nice incentive for good grades. The cleanup would include yardwork for elderly in need of help.