Green Club Update

The status of the conservation club at WAHS


Jade Levendoski

Green Club members work in a garden this fall

Westby’s Green Club is an environmental conservation based club. Activities of the current school year include pop tab collection, ink cartridge collection, creating things with recycled materials, and other recycling projects.

The Green Club also biannually visits the Saint Joseph Ridge Catholic Church to do work at The Convent’s greenhouse. The most recent visit included greenhouse supervisor providing the group with a list of things to do, assigning groups of the members to different interns, and demonstrating and assisting. The groups’ duties this year included picking apples and pears, weeding  gardens, cleaning the greenhouse, and tidying up.

The Green Club also took a trip to the Kickapoo Valley Reserve in October to harvest prairie seeds. The group was driven out to a field and sent to collect seeds. Grasses, flowers, and all kinds of other types of plant seeds were collected to populate other fields.

The Green Club’s biggest project is the pop tab collection and recycling. Collection boxes are put around the school for students and staff to put the tabs from their cans into. The tabs collected are then donated to help families that are or were in the Ronald McDonald house.

Upcoming events for the Green Club include another visit to the greenhouse in the spring, and continuing the club’s recycling projects.