Westby Takes the Megabowl Win

Norsemen Football players crush the Blackhawks in the annual Megabowl game!


WAHS Fall Cheerleaders pose with the Megabowl trophy with principal Mr. Bob Bothe.

It’s no surprise that the Norsemen football team kept their hands on the prized Megabowl. On September 9th, our Westby football team played and won against the Viroqua Blackhawks on their home field. The final score by the end of the night was a 44-15, blowing the opposers out of the water. The game was a continuation of the Megabowl tradition, with Westby tacking another success onto a winning streak that started in 2019. Westby’s students showed their spirit with a blackout theme, filling the student section with encouragement and cheers. Senior Football manager Anna Dregne states, “Our student section is always pretty dang good, but if we play Viroqua, people know to show up and support. The student section was amazing that night. We definitely out cheered them!”

The students weren’t the only ones excited for the big win. The players themselves were excited to beat one of Westby’s biggest rivals, and those in the crowd could definitely sense the energy. They played hard and refused to accept defeat. When asked about her favorite moment of the game, Dregne says “I can’t remember an exact play, but the whole sideline was pumped and it was a really good energy. They obviously felt pretty good crushing our rival team.”