New staff profile: Meet Mr. Jared Anderson

Get to know our new health teacher


Marissa Klum

New staff member Mr. Jared Anderson standing in his room.

Mr. Anderson is a new staff member at WASD, though “Westby is home” for him. Mr. Anderson mentioned he grew up in Westby, graduated from Westby and stated “the community support is second to none” when asked why he chose to teach at Westby. Mr. Anderson loves coaching, this year he has decided to coach football and baseball. Mr. Anderson’s response to why he wanted to become a health and physical education teacher was because he loves being active, and he knew that he loved coaching, and he knows that coaching and teaching are different things, but they can be very similar. Mr. Anderson was influenced by his highschool P.E. teacher Mr. Skaleck, and he stated “I honestly don’t think I could see myself doing anything else.” Being a good person, being honest, and trustworthy are a few important qualities to Mr. Anderson. He would also like to let you know that he feels “really appreciated by all the support received so far from students and staff.”

“I honestly don’t think I could see myself doing anything else.””

— Mr. Jared Anderson