Crossing the finish line

Westby Track: Conference Champs!



Zach Bjorklund (10) leaps over hurdles at a Viroqua meet.

Westby track has been working hard this season. “Putting our best team on the track” is an objective coach Huebner is focused on. With 18 meets this season and becoming Conference Champs, Mr. Huebner values “working as hard as he expects the kids to work.” 

Coach Yanske stated, “being a part of the process, observing the growth of student athletes whether it’s on the track and field or outside of the sport, and watching them succeed” is a favorite part of coaching track and field. Although Coach Yanske has been coaching track and field for 39 years, he mentioned, “when this is all said and done I don’t want this to come up short, I want to give everything I got. I don’t want to play the what if game. No regrets, no excuses, no what if’s, bring my best each day. You always want to grow as a coach, I’m still challenging myself even after all these years.”

Coach Huebner mentioned one goal for the season is to “have individuals do as best as they can,” and Mr. Yanske said “to keep progressing and be better today than we were yesterday.”

Grace Bailey (10) mentioned that she enjoys track “because of the pre-meet practices and being with my team is fun. I’ve made so many friends along the way and I’ll never forget the conversations we’ve had.” Gina Klum (11) stated, “the people around you push you to be better and you gain a lot of skills you can take outside of the sport, like social skills and perseverance.”

Freshman Kristal Levendoski expressed: “Overall the track season has been an incredibly exciting and rewarding opportunity, with a lot of interesting athletes, that I’ll cherish forever.”