An Enchanted Evening

Prom 2023


Ms. Muraski's dad (Mark Muraski)

Students show off their fancy dance moves and sparkling gowns during a line dance.

Prom was a huge success! Mrs. Marx mentioned, “the planning this year was great, everyone did what they were supposed to, were quite agreeable with the theme, and helped out.” There were around 186 tickets sold and of that there were 184 kids that came in. Mrs. Marx also mentioned that “it was a great night, the kids danced more than I’ve ever seen kids dance, at a dance.”

One student stated “it was fun that the dance wasn’t at the school.” Along with the new location there was also a DJ!” “The DJ we had for the night was outstanding,” Mrs. Marx said. His name is Nick Felton. His business name is “DJ Wilde” and he is a former student from Westby. Gina Klum (11) stated, “I think prom was fun and the DJ was really good!”

Aside from the DJ, Rhett Stenslien (11) and Gretchen Gettelman (11) were crowned prom King and Queen! Ms. Muraski and her father were there to take pictures of everyone at the photo booth. The Junior class purchased Polaroid film, and Ms. Muraski took photos to give one free Polaroid per student! Brooklyn Bothe (11) had the idea for the camera, and lent hers to Ms. Muraski. Bothe (11) was also a big part of helping with prom.

Bothe (11) stated, “Lizzy Guy (11) and I spent about two months during our study hall planning and making decorations. The setup went really smoothly because of how it was organized. We decided to pitch the idea of an ‘Enchanted’ theme because we knew that a lot of the decorations the school already had and it matched the party barn pretty well. Due to this, we saved a ton of money on decorations and could spend it on other things like the Party Barn and DJ. As a class officer, I was expected to be on the prom committee, but many other people joined just to help. Being organized and prepared helped prom go smoothly!” 

Pedretti’s Party Barn was where prom was held this year and is where prom will be held next year. There is no set date yet for next year’s prom, but we’re hoping to shoot for the last weekend in April again. Thank you to everyone who made prom so successful and to everyone who showed up to make such an amazing night!