The Show Must Go On: The New Fall Musical

Fall Musical

On May 15th, Tara Lyons, Westby’s choral music director, officially announced that the Westby High School Music Program will be putting on the musical Cinderella. Throughout history, the story of Cinderella has been a popular folktale. With 800 different written versions of Cinderella and over 30 contrasting animations, live action movies, and silent films, Cinderella was and still is an admired fairy tale that inspires many. On March 31, 1957 the famous story of Cinderella was released as a musical, and was performed on Broadway in 2013. The Cinderella musical, written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, captures the beauty and magic of the fairy tale. Through its catchy tunes and lovable characters, the magical story takes the audience into the enchanted world of the beloved princess. 

Over the years, the musical directors always take into consideration their cast options, the student body opinion, and whether or not the selected musical would please the audience. With an involved ensemble and versatile lead roles, Cinderella meets all of the above criteria. Cinderella will not only be a crowd pleaser, but it invites all ages to experience the true magic only a fairy tale can bring.