Boy’s Basketball – Improvement is Key

Dedication leads to success for WAHS Boy’s Basketball


Jade Levendoski

Boy’s Basketball players listen to the coaches during a time-out.

The boy’s basketball team has had a great start to their season, all thanks to their dedication.

Caleb Johnson (11), a point guard and a shooting guard, is a dedicated leader on the team. He uplifts the other players with his motivational energy. Johnson proudly states, “I want to see my teammates succeed more than anything.” Johnson is inspired by his grandpa and Kobe Bryant, which drives him to improve. Many teammates commented on how much they love to see everyone’s continued improvement. Johnson is optimistic that the rest of their season will be filled with highlights.

Caleb Johnson (11) goes for the shot. (Jade Levendoski)

No team is complete without a coach. Head-Coach Halvorson has been pleased with the season so far, and is excited to see what the rest of the season brings. Halvorson’s favorite part of coaching basketball is being around “the guys.” He says, “The relationships you build and the trust that is necessary to be successful, is a big part of coaching.” Halvorson also comments on how much he loves to see the growth of each of the players. It is so rewarding and meaningful to him when the players begin to perform at a high level. 

“My coaching philosophy is to tap into the mindset and physical limitations of each player.  Pushing players to play at their max ability level and understand the team concepts that it takes to be successful.” – Head-Coach Mr. Ken Halvorson

Brett Crume (12) scores. (Jade Levendoski)

Halvorson says that the definition of “success” is different every year and with every team. “You set goals for your team based on characteristics of each player. Improvement is key. If there is improvement throughout the year then that is success.”