Wrestling Update

Coaches and wrestlers alike work hard at the start of their season as they become more than just a team–a family.


Marissa Klum

Coach Kirner talking to his wrestlers at the Bi-State Classic wrestling tournament.

The wrestling team has been working hard this season. Their main goal is to make sure everyone improves in their ability to wrestle, and coaching the kids to the best of their abilities. Coach Drew stated “everyone has stuck with it and is turning into the family the wrestling team is.” 

Brady Mowery wrestles at Bi-State. (Marissa Klum)

When asked what they love about the sport, wrestlers were dedicated to the sport for a variety of reasons:  Freshman Ryan Hawkins says what he loves most about wrestling is “my friends and my coaches, and it allows me to get my mind off things.” Ty Nottestad, a senior, says what he enjoys most about wrestling is “the physicality of it and because it is an independent sport.” Senior Garret Vatland mentioned he loved “when your hard work pays off.” Kylie Klum, a freshman says, “The thing I love most about wrestling is the team because they’re all like a group of brothers to me and it is always interesting to have them around, and go against the stigma of it only being a boys sport.” 

Female wrestlers are unique. Kylie Klum, a freshman enjoys the challenge of competing in the sport. (Marissa Klum)

Coaches also had many reasons why they enjoy coaching the sport. Drew said he loves “bringing out the best in my athletes and breaking them out of their shell.” Coach Kirner followed that statement with “my favorite thing about coaching is building relationships with the athletes and getting to know them better.”